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Undergraduate Research


Undergraduate chemistry majors are encouraged to engage in research during their time at WVU. You will receive academic credit by completing CHEM 497: Undergraduate Research. One semester prior to the first semester of research, you should contact chemistry faculty to determine if there is an opportunity to do research in their lab. Once the student and the faculty member are agreed on the nature of the research, the time required each week (rule of thumb – 3 hours per week for every credit hour) and the number of credit hours, a form is completed and placed on file in the chemistry main office. The student may then register for CHEM 497.

List of undergraduate research projects

Procedure for enrolling in Chemistry 497 - Research

All students in CHEM 497 are expected to submit a written report about their research at the end of the semester. A copy of the report must be submitted to the Associate Chair.

Biochemistry students are required to perform undergraduate research as part of their degree program. Students are encouraged to start undergraduate research in the junior or senior years, and are advised to identify and contact potential faculty research mentors early.

WVU Office of Undergraduate Research

Information about undergraduate research opportunities at WVU can be found at