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Studying Chemistry at WVU


Through in-depth instruction, hands-on research and independent projects conducted with award-winning faculty, WVU chemistry students learn to question, experiment and innovate.
Graduates from our department have applied these skills in careers and graduate programs
in chemistry, biochemistry, healthcare, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and forensics. Our alumni have gone on to work as physicians nationally and internationally, start non-profit organizations, reach high-level management positions in industry, conduct research in a variety of industrial and governmental laboratories, and teach in higher education. 

Undergraduate studies

The  Department of Chemistry offers three undergraduate degree programs – a  bachelor of arts in chemistry, a bachelor of science in chemistry and a bachelor of science in biochemistry with a chemistry emphasis. You can explore the degree options further by visiting our page for  Undergraduate Studies  

B.S. in Chemistry B.A. in Chemistry B.S. in Biochemistry

Graduate studies

M.S. and Ph.D. programs in chemistry  are also available to accelerate your career in industrial and government laboratories or academics. 

M.S. in Chemistry Ph.D. in Chemistry