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Our students take their drive to be successful and channel that energy into the many opportunities available to them. Best of all? They do it all while being supported by top-tier faculty who care. 

Professor Brian Popp receives a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation 

The project is focusing on reactions of CO2 to prepare important chemicals useful for the manufacture of pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, and materials. Professor Popp's research is using both experimental and computational methods to better understand how these reactions work and how to improve them.

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Brian Popp

C. Eugene and Edna P. Bennett Careers for Chemists Program

Wednesday, April 11, 2018 7:00 pm
Erickson Alumni Center

The Bennett Careers for Chemists program helps students consider career choices after graduation. Every April, the Department invites three speakers to participate. The speakers share a common qualification, a degree in chemistry. 

WVU chemistry department receives $1 million gift from C. Eugene Bennett Family Foundation

Thanks to a recent $1 million gift, the West Virginia University C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry is modernizing the general chemistry laboratories.        

The Pierce and C. Bennett Family Foundation gift

Research News

Using field effect to predict decarboxylation rates

The field effect parameter has a substantial influence on the rate of decarboxylation of well-defined silver benzoate complexes. The data published in the Journal of the American Chemical Society by the  group of Dr. Hoover provides the opportunity to surpass current substrate limitations associated with decarboxylation and to enable widespread utilization of decarboxylative coupling reactions.

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Using sound waves for biomedical breakthroughs

Peng Li, an assistant professor in the  chemistry department assisted a team of researchers to develop an acoustic device that uses sound waves to split cells. This could eventually assist medical professionals during diagnoses and examinations.

Sound waves

The sound of silence

WVU awarded $1 million grant from NSF for new High Performance Computing cluster

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A three-year National Science Foundation grant totaling nearly $1 million was awarded to a group of 22 faculty led by Blake Mertz, assistant professor of chemistry. It will let West Virginia University develop its next-generation High Performance Computing to advance research in drug delivery, genomics, and astrophysics.
Blake MRI

Undergraduate Students

Chemistry is the science of the materials we use, the medicine we take, the environment we live in and the food we eat. Our department gives students the opportunity to learn the skills that will lead to tomorrow’s discoveries.

B.S. in Chemistry B.A. in Chemistry
B.S. in Biochemistry

Graduate Students

Chemistry graduate students look deeply into what makes our world work, on a chemical and molecular level.

M.S. in Chemistry Ph.D. in Chemistry

Summer Undergraduate Research at WVU 

The chemistry department is accepting applications for the Chemistry REUNanoSAFE RUE, and SURE programmes.

Learn about undergraduate summer research at WVU

CESTA Community Engagement in Science Through Art

The CESTA program is funded by Dr. Jessica Hoover’s National Science Foundation CAREER award, as the outreach component of the research grant.  The goals of the program are to engage the community in chemistry through art and to teach WVU science, engineering, and art students to work and communicate effectively across fields. 

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CESTA students


The Department of Chemistry is committed to safety in the teaching and research laboratories. 

Safety in the Laboratory

Glen Jackson named Fellow of the Royal Society of Chemistry

Glen Jackson, Ming Hsieh Distinguished Professor of  Forensic & Investigative Science holds a joint appointment in the   C. Eugene Bennett Department of Chemistry and an adjunct position in the  Department of Biology at   West Virginia University.

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