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Tobi Odeleye, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor


P.h.D., South Dakota State University

Dr. Odeleye is WVU's new faculty liaison for the WV Science Public Outreach Team (SPOT). SPOT recruits and trains student ambassadors to bring presentations about current West Virginia science, technology, and engineering to West Virginia K-12 classrooms, museums, and youth programs. WV educators can request Standards-based presentations and hands-on activities for their school or venue online. Interested students should reach out to Dr. Odeleye by email.

Research Interests

Chemical education broadly defined. Specific interests in undergraduate students' learning of chemistry during their first two years of college; student attitudes toward chemistry; and qualitative research methods.

Teaching Fields

Fundamentals of Chemistry and Chemical Education

Courses Offered
  • CHEM 115 & CHEM 116 - Fundamentals of Chemistry I and II
Selected Publications

Odeleye, O. Lessani, P.N., and Tang, D., General Chemistry Students' Perceptions and Attitudes towards Chemistry: A Tale of the Experiences of Different Identity Groups. Journal of Chemical Education, submitted for publication, 2022.

Odeleye, O.O. and Tang, D., The Purpose of Homework Assignments: General Chemistry Students’ Perceptions and Attitudes Towards Online Homework. Chemistry Education Research and Practice, submitted for publication,

Nabulsi, L and Odeleye, O. Student Attitudes Toward Two Different Online Homework, Journal of Education and Practice, pp 29–40, 2021, University of Oklahoma. DOI: 10.7176/JEP/12-6-032.

Nabulsi, L, Nguyen, A., & Odeleye, O. The Impact of Traditional- and Adaptive-Responsive Online Homework Systems on Student Performance in General Chemistry: Analyzing Extra Credit Participation. Journal of Education and Practice, pp 20 –28, 2021, University of Oklahoma. DOI: 10.7176/JEP/12-6-02 3.

Nabulsi, L., Nguyen, A. & Odeleye, O. A Comparison of the Effects of Two Different Online Homework Systems on Levels of Knowledge Retention in General Chemistry Students. Journal of Science Education and Technology, 1–9. Oct 15th, 2020.

Odeleye, O.O. The adventures of a first-year teaching emphasis instructor. In Chemistry Student Success: A Field-Tested, Evidence-Based Guide. March 25th, 2020.