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Application Requirements

To apply: 

  • Submit your application via the Graduate Admissions website
  • Your supplemental materials can be uploaded as part of your graduate admissions application. Please upload your personal statement, and your resume/vitae (optional). In your personal statement, please describe any research experience you have had, any publications, any presentations, and indicate what areas of chemistry are of interest to you.
  • Your references should be included on the graduate admissions application. Please enter the names and contact information of three individuals who can provide recommendations for your application. If you use the online recommendation option, please inform the person that they will get an email requesting that they complete an online recommendation, and ask them to complete the recommendation by January 15. 
  • In the downloadable forms section of the graduate admissions application, you will see the International Student Financial Support Document. Skip this section if you are not an international student.
    • If you are  an international student requesting financial support in the form of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship or Graduate Research Assistantship from WVU, do not fill out this form.  If you receive an offer from the Department of Chemistry, then your GTA or GRA and tuition waiver will be your financial support.
    • If you are an international student receiving full financial support (i.e. tuition, fees, living expenses) from an external scholarship or fellowship, please complete this form. 
  • Arrange to have your official transcripts for undergraduate and any graduate degrees sent to Graduate Admissions. You may include GRE scores at your discretion; they would be considered but are not required. If you are an international applicant (not a U.S. citizen or a resident alien with a green card), arrange to have your TOEFL or IELTS scores sent to Graduate Admissions. The GRE and TOEFL code is 5904. All students whose native language is not English must submit a TOEFL or IELTS score.
  • Please note that all forms must be sent to Graduate Admissions. Do not send forms to the  Department  of Chemistry.