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Prof. Jeff Rohde
Franciscan University of Steubenville

A New Opportunity for Engagement of Undergraduates in Organic Chemistry Labs and Research: Redirecting the Focus and the Waste Stream to Help Advance Global Neglected Disease Efforts 

Faculty Host: Prof. Mertz

In the sciences at Franciscan over roughly the last decade, there has been an intentional effort to develop and to foster collaborative research relationships with industry. The goal was to more fully engage our undergraduates’ interests in their fields of study and to further enrich their educational experiences with hands- on career training and real-world problem solving. In this talk, the focus will be on three different aspects of this collaborative work in the area of organic chemistry: medicinal chemistry, process chemistry, and contract synthesis. The progress and results, thus far, will be shared and upcoming opportunities for additional collaborations presented. 

J. Rohde