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Phillip Mach, US Army

Mass spectrometry for the warfighter 

Student run seminar series

Graduate student host: Zach Sasiene

Phillip Mach

Research Biologist, US Army Futures Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center 

Phillip Mach

The BioSciences Mass Spectrometry facility has expertise spanning multiple disciplines within the field. Current laboratory efforts concentrate on host response to warfare agents, battlefield forensics, and human performance metrics. The laboratory serves as a multifaceted resource – being tasked with tackling difficult defense related problems. There are a myriad of resources and analytical pipelines that have been developed to support the warfighter needs, including high-throughput analytics, large volume informatics, and techniques to unify the ‘omics space. The Combat Capabilities Development Command Chemical Biological Center is considered a government service lab, whereby few academic ‘basic research’ pursuits exist, but rather targeted need- based applied research is performed.