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Matt Cummings, Analytical Research Scientist, BioHybrid Solutions LLC

From Big Pharma to Biotech Startup- A Series of Atypical Transitions

Student Run Seminar Series

Host – Minh Do 

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Meeting ID:   913 5040 7002

Passcode:  WVUSRSS14

Few organic chemists would picture themselves taking careers in analytical chemistry, just as few scientists would make the transition from a global pharmaceutical company to join a startup biopharmaceutical company amid a pandemic. Matt started his professional career within the R&D team at Mylan Pharmaceuticals where he supported the development of multiple generic drug formulations, some of which were approved by the FDA and are now on the market. Personal and professional aspirations led to a change in career path which also coincided with the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Matt currently leads the molecular characterization group at Biohybrid Solutions where he conducts analytical testing to support the development of novel Protein-Polymer bioconjugates. These NanoArmored proteins present a versatile alternative to traditional PEGylation chemistry and are currently being explored in numerous therapeutic applications, including a prophylactic treatment to protect frontline soldiers against nerve agent poisoning through collaboration with the United States Defense Threat Reduction Agency.