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Jonathan B. Miller, Airbus Ventures

Lab-to-Market Tech Commercialization

Student Run Seminar Series

Zoom meeting :

Meeting ID: 993 7519 5158

Passcode: WVUSRSS13

Jonathan B. Miller
Chief Technology Advisor at Airbus Ventures

Growing up in the Laurel Highlands of Pennsylvania, he performed applied research and development in robotics and telehealth on behalf of the US Army and Navy and then became a venture founder, advisor, and angel investor. As a contributor to the study and practice of lab-to-market commercialization and frontier tech work, Jonathan has collaborated with organizations including Alphabet X, NASA, Flex, and the U.S. Department of Defense.

Concurrent to his venture work for Airbus Ventures, Jonathan maintains a teaching appointment and research affiliation at MIT, where he has helped to grow its professional programs in Manufacturing, Machine Learning, and Corporate Innovation.

Jonathan holds a Masters degree in engineering, management, and design from MIT and earned an MBA and Bachelor's degrees in mathematics and chemistry from Saint Francis University. When he's not interviewing venture trailblazers as the co-host of Tough Tech  Today , Jonathan enjoys operating planes, Rovers, and drones.