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David Bem, PPG industries

Building a Beautiful and Protected World with Coating Innovations

Graduate Student Host: Alexa Martin 

Faculty Host: Blake Mertz

David Bem

Vice President, Science and Technology and Chief Technology Officer at PPG Industries, Inc.

Bem picture

How do we use chemistry and material science to keep our buildings and airplanes cool at high temperature so they use less energy? How do we create stunning colors for our homes to beautify our community? How do we protect our cars and bridges from corrosion so they last longer? At PPG, we believe that innovation is fundamental to our success as a company. Serving a wide variety of markets – including construction, consumer products, and industrial and transportation markets and aftermarkets – PPG is making a positive impact on every part of our lives to protect and beautify the world. Scaling up innovating solutions that will have a global impact requires working strategically with customers, academic institutions and other public and private entities. We will discuss how PPG partners and collaborates to innovate at scale and bring new and improved products to the market. Partnership examples include applications creating safe and reliable airplanes and beverage cans, protecting and beautifying automobiles through corrosion protection and color technology, and addressing new opportunities in the evolving autonomous and electrified mobility industry. The fundamental science of these products spans from controlling materials properties to the systems engineering behind safe, effective and efficient application. This talk will explore the engineering and chemistry behind the solutions to these challenges using examples of PPG’s innovative coating products.