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Baillie DeHaven, Pall Corp

Student run seminar series; Host: Karl Golian

Careers in Chem: PhD --> Postdoc --> Industry

Baillie DeHaven, Ph.D.
R&D Leadership Program Associate
Pall Corporation

Baillie DeHaven ImageAbstract: Transitioning to a career after graduate school can be challenging.. With demands for experience, in addition to education, procuring employment can seem like a daunting task. However, whether your interests lie in academia or industry, postdoctoral tenures can provide additional credentials for an edge in the job market. Baillie DeHaven will discuss her postdoctoral tenure and provide advice and benefits of these positions. Lastly she will discuss her transition from postdoc to industry as an R&D Leadership Program Associate at Pall Corporation.

Zoom Seminar:; Meeting ID| 979 8165 9468; Password | WVUSRSS22
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