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John H. Penn, Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus



Ph.D., University of Wisconsin, Madison

Dr. Penn's research focuses on the development of new techniques for internet-based teaching methods, chemistry of electron-transfer organic molecular complexes.

Teaching Fields

Organic Chemistry


Enrique Lopez, Jennifer Kim, Kiruthiga Nandagopal, Nate Cardin, Richard J. Shavelson, and John H. Penn, “Validating the use of concept-mapping as a diagnostic assessment tool in organic chemistry: implications for teaching”, Chemistry Education Research and Practice 2011, 12(2), 133-141.

Evan Szu, Kiruthiga Nandagopal, Richard J. Shavelson, Enrique J. Lopez, John H. Penn, Maureen Scharberg, and Geannine W. Hill. “Understanding Academic Performance in Organic Chemistry”, Journal of Chemical Education 2011, 88, 1238-1242.

Svetlana A. Borisova, Sanjeeva R. Guppi, Hak Joong Kim, Bulan Wu, John H. Penn, Hung-wen Liu, and George A. O’Doherty “A De Novo Approach to the Synthesis of Glycosylated Methymycin Analogues with Structural and Stereochemical Diversity”, Organic Letters 2010, 12(22), 5150-53.